What is Gammalon?

Gammalon is a fictional story that takes place in a dystopian future. In this story, the world is suffering from lethal radiation poisoning, leaving only a few survivors to fend for themselves. Scrambling for their lives, Peter, Arturo, and Elena take shelter in a radio station off the coast of California. By playing music through the radio broadcasts, the group attempts to make contact with the outside world. The songs depict experiences, thoughts, and emotions of each of the characters as they struggle to survive.



August 2087

Into the Half Light

April 2088

The Periphery of Imagination

September  2089

What is Gammalon?

Gammalon is the name of the multi-album story of Peter Shen, a musician in the year 2087. The setting is a dystopian society in West Hollywood, California. Peter and his musician friends have taken up residence in Radio K.A.O.S. on the Sunset Strip and have recorded their music there as a means to find solace from their daily struggles in their new world. In each full length album of original instrumental music, Peter informs us of the progress and current conditions of life in Gammalon. Click the links to access his memoirs written for each album.