Gammalon Appears On Progzilla Radio, UK On July 26, 2020!​

Gammalon appears on Progzilla Radio, UK on July 26, 2020!

Windmill in a field of yellow flowers - The Prog Mill

Click here to access the audio player of the July 26, 2020 show which features Gammalon’s “Heading West” at 1:10:40 (one hour, ten minutes, 40 seconds).

Gammalon would like to thank Shaun Geraghty ([email protected]) for selecting our music for a Progzilla show. What an honor! Thank you to Shaun for the very nice compliments of Gammalon on your show too.

Edition 220 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (440 in total), first broadcast 26 July 2020, is now also available to listen to anytime or download.

Here’s This Week’s Playlist

1 Deep Purple – Nothing at All (Whoosh)
2 Monjoie – Ode on a Grecian Urn Part 5 (Love Sells Poor Bliss For Proud Despair)
3 Gazpacho – Fireworker (Fireworker)
4 David Minasian – The Sounds of Dreams – Third Movement (The Sound of Dreams)
5 The Kaos Collective – Equinox (Equinox)
6 That Joe Payne – By Name, By Nature (By Name, By Nature)
7 Darryl Way – Riviera Blue (Destinations)
8 Gammalon – Heading West (Into The Half Light)
9 Frost* – Drown (Others)
10 Steve Rothery – Kendris (The Ghosts of Pripryat)
11 Genesis – Phret (B Side of Shipwrecked)
12 Mercury Rev – The Dark is Rising (All Is Dream)
13 Looking Glass Lantern – Six Pearls to Mary (A Tapestry of Tales)
14 Magenta – A Gift From God (Masters of Illusion)